BUSTER is Denmark’s largest film festival for children and youth, and a scene for young audiences to experience and enjoy, to question and learn. We offer films as a source of both education and meaningful entertainment, and each year we present a two-week programme packed with more than 50 films, exciting workshops and unique experiences in the field between film and media.

We want to meet children and youth at eye-level. Therefore, we invite them to participate actively in the festival through playing, learning and interaction with a strong cinematic lineup, workshops, events and new media.

BUSTER has existed in different forms since 2000, but from this year forward, we’re an independent festival for children and youth striving to challenge, accommodate and embrace the media reality they navigate within. Our goal is to help raise creative, conscious young media users, engage them in dialogue and invite them to explore a universe of film that can provide food for thought or tickle their funny bone - regardless of age.

BUSTER 2019 runs between September 23rd and October 6th.

See you in the cinema!


We look forward to seeing you at BUSTER between the 23rd of September and the 6th of October.

Programmet lander 12 juni 2019