Submission for BUSTER 2016 is now closed!

Deadlines and regulations

All entries along with screener material (preferably an online link submitted via our entry form above) should be sent before the 1st of June 2016.

If you have submitted your film, please remember to send us an online screener link to the film if you haven't done that already (as stated, you can submit the link in the online entry form!).

If you don't have an online screener link, please send a DVD screener to:

BUSTER Copenhagen International Film Festival for Children and Youth
Tagensvej 85F
DK 2200 Copenhagen N
Att: Nikolai Schulz

NB: Only films for children and youth (ages 3-17) produced last year or this year will be accepted.

For further information please contact head of programme; Nikolai Schulz at:

Film Selection

A special committee nominated by the festival management selects the films for the festival programme.

Please note that we only accept films for children and youth (ages 3-17) produced in 2015 or 2016.

We do not accept films made by children or as part of a school project

The festival management may invite films for the competition or for other programmes. BUSTER's selection team decides which films will participate in the festival among those submitted. Decisions of the selection committee are final.

All successful submissions for the BUSTER 2016 programme that are selected will be informed on the 1st of August at the latest.

Submitting films to our festival is free of charge, but costs 20 Euro if the film is a short film (less than 50 minutes). In order to register or to send a film to any section of the festival implies the unconditional acceptance of all the clauses of the regulations of participation. In cases of dispute of interpretation of the regulations of participation, the management of the festival has the right to decide on all cases not covered by the regulations, as well as allowing exceptions. Remember to send either a DVD screener or a VOD link of the film as soon as it has been submitted.

As for formats of selected films, BUSTER prefers unencrypted DCPs, but will also accepts ProRes versions or Blu-ray if these are the only available formats. All short films must be uploaded in ProRes format. (BUSTERs print coordinator will give you further information about formats and uploads.)

For selected films we also need a DVD screener (if one has not already been sent to us), as many high-resolution stills from the film as possible, an uploaded trailer if available and an English time-coded dialogue list if the film is selected for our children's section (3-12 years).

The application for participation in the BUSTER 2016 implies acceptance of these regulations.

Shipping Instructions

Films accepted for the festival must arrive in Copenhagen no later than the 28th of August 2016 to the address given by BUSTER's print coordination department. If the film is to be dubbed into Danish the print needs to be delivered no later than the 1st of August (preferaby sooner).

The entrant should inform BUSTER's film coordination department regarding the dispatch of the print to Copenhagen. BUSTER pays for all incoming print shipment to the festival. If the print is to be sent to another festival after BUSTER, the next festival is to pay for the shipment to them.

All prints will be returned to the address indicated by the entrant no later than two weeks of the last day of the festival. The entrant should inform BUSTER of the exact date and place the print should be sent to after the festival.

For the period in which the films are in the care of the festival, they are fully insured at the print value given in the entry form. This period lasts from the registration of arrival of the films to Copenhagen until their handing over to a forwarding agent.