The Small Dutch Girl Flies Off With The Victory

* Danish Film Directors Best Film for Children:
'Eep!' (Ellen Smith, Holland)
(Voted by the International Jury, the film director wins 3000 euro)

The jury's reasons for choosing 'Eep!':
The film we selected is a highly original, complete story which was moving, entertaining, and larger than life. The story is told with light-hearted humour, full of surprises yet the characters were well-developed, conveying warmth and blind acceptance of differences. We deeply appreciated the film's theme, accessible to children and adults: the art of letting go of those you love.

The international jury consists of:
Carsten Myllerup: Co-founder of the alternative film school Super16, film director and screenwriter.
Charlotte Sachs Bostrup: actor, film director and screenwriter.
Nicolaj Kopernikus: Actor
Els Kuiper: Buyer and co-producer of the Dutch children's channel VPRO TV.
Emily Shapiro: Festival Manager for the New York International Children's Film Festival.

As the direcor of the movie has left the project the money from the award is given back to BUSTERs Film Competition for Kids and Youth, OREGON, by the producer Leontine Petit.

Best Film For Youth: The Family You Have, You Lose And The One You Find

* Best Film for Youth:
'Vegas' (Gunnar Vikene, Norway, 2009)
The price is received by the director Gunnar Vikene.
(Film director wins 3000 euro)

Youth Jury's reasons for choosing 'Vegas':
We have seen a lot of good movies and we needed a long and evolving discussion to find a winner. We agreed on a film with realistic images and talented actors telling a story which is both eerily cold but also warm and touching. Three children will, based on sad stories, find each other and develop a different but vital friendship. It is a beautiful story about family, whether it is the one you have, the one you lose or the one you find.

Festival Darling Wins - Again

* Best Short Film:
'Lost and found' (Philip Hunt, Great Britain, 2008)
(Film director wins 2000 euro)

Reason from the short and documentary jury:
'Lost & Found' tells the story of an unlikely friendship between a small village boy and a, seemingly lost, small penguin, that one day appears on his doorstep. Not sure what to do with the baby bird, the boy eventually decides he must return it to its natural habitat. Together the boy and the penguin set out on a perilous sea-bound journey to find the homestead of the lost bird. During this dramatic journey, however, it turns out to be ambiguous who is actually lost and who is found. 'Lost & Found' is a beautifully told tale of the strength of friendship, love, responsibility and endurance. It makes its important points thru engaging storytelling, unique animation and music ? it's a finely and imaginatively crafted film, that makes you realize that sometimes what you need the most in life, may already be holding your hand. The BUSTER Short Film Jury is proud to award our first prize to the makers of 'Lost & Found'.

The film has won several awards, including a BAFTA and the Chicago Children Film Festival.

Special mention to the man behind the monster
Special Mention to 'Berik' (Daniel Joseph Borgman, Denmark, 2010)
The price is received by the director himself.

Reason from the short and documentary jury:
In a cynical time this film dares to show the beauty in people and go against our preconceived expectations. With great authenticity it shows us the man behind the monster and a friendship that engages and moves us. It takes us to an alien world, but manages to remain universal and present, and it does it all with a visual and cinematic virtuosity evenness at very high levels. 'Berik' is a beautiful, powerful and moving film that very much deserves special mention at this year's Buster Film Festival.

Documentary: To Find The Meaningful Life In A Senseless Time

* FAF's Best Documentary:
'Neukölln Unlimited' (Agostino Imondi, Dietmar Ratsch, Germany, 2010)
(Film directors win 2000 euro)

Short and documentary jury's reason to select 'Neukölln Unlimited':
This film moves us with his forthright presence. It stays close to the lives of its protagonists and has the courage to stay with his complicity, even when things do not go as one would wish. It is a tale of passion and survival, which depicts three young people's admirable insistence on living a meaningful life in a senseless time. We are pleased to give the award for this year's best documentary at BUSTER to 'Neukölln Unlimited'.

Short and documentary jury consists of:
Nikolaj Tarp: Producer / director
Jesper Waldvogel Rasmussen: Producer / director
Nanna Frank Møller: Director / editor

Best Film For Children Is German Action

BUSTER's Children's Jury chose the Best Film for Children along with Best Child Actor. Both prices are sponsored by the Nordic Film Foundation.

*Best Film for Children:
'The Crocodiles' (Vorstadtkrokodile, director Christian Ditter, Germany)
Received by actor Robin Walter.
(The director wins 3000 euro)

Children's Jury's reasoning:
BUSTERs Children's Jury has seen a lot of good, funny, different, crazy and imaginative films over the past eight days. We have chosen a film which has an interesting story, the pace is high, and all the actors deliver great performances. It's a classic story of the good against the evil, but evil is never truly evil - only funny. And the good are really good at helping each other and cooperating, even though they are very different people - which is a good message! The actors seem natural and are all very charming in their own way. That is why BUSTERs Children's Jury award 'Vorstadtkrokodile' the best film.

Best Child Actor Is Naturally Charming And Sensitive

* Best Child Actor:
Jules Ritmanic (French) in 'Hands Up' (director Romain Goupil)
Jules Ritmanic receives the prize.
(The actor wins 1000 euros along with the award)

Children's Jury's reasoning:
We have also seen many good child actors, we chose one who we believe does it particularly well. It is a person who acts quite naturally, he is sweet and charming, and he is very sympathetic. He does something about things instead of just looking at what happens and he convinces us that what he does is right. He is sensitive and considerate and we think this is worth rewarding.

Special mention to the heartwarming smile
Special mention:
Sae Ron Kim in 'A Brand New Life'
Director Ounie Lecomte received the award.

Children's Jury's reasoning:
We have one more actress who we want to mention, she plays a major role that is both very sad and has a hard time. We think that this actor makes the film a really good movie, it
is her performance that elevates the movie and makes it exciting and interesting, and the little smile she shows at the end of the movie goes str our hearts. Theraight to our hearts. Therefore a special mention for Sae Ron Kim who plays Jinhee in the film 'A Brand New Life'.

Audience Audience Award Goes To Drama About The Second World War

* Politiken Audience Award:
'The Round-Up' ('La Rafle', France, director Roselyn Brosh)
(Distributor wins launching worth 50,000 DKK through the Danish media by Politiken)

About 'The Round-Up':
Joseph is 11 years old and on his way home from school with a yellow star sewn on his clothes. Daily, he is both mocked and helped by people in the city. Between friendliness and hostility, he and his family learned to cope in the German-occupied Montmartre district of Paris, and they live in spite of hardships a relatively safe life. At least until the morning of the 16th July 1942, where their fragile lives fall to pieces. The film is based on one of the shameful chapters of the Second World War.